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  • Almond, Pistachio and Orange Blossom Cake
    Almond mealGround pistachiosBaking powderSaltButterSugarOrangeOrange blossom waterCardamomEggs (room temp)Orange zestSugarLemon juiceOrange juiceChopped pistachiosHoneyCreme fraicheWhipped creamFresh FruitPoached dried apricots
  • Chilled Asparagus and Pea Soup
    asparagusfresh English peasolive oilsmall yellow onionslight chicken or vegetable stockhalf and half (or heavy cream)lemon juice or rice wine vinegar to tasteKosher salt and black pepper to tastemint
  • Classic Brioche
    whole milkgranulated sugaractive dry yeasteggsall-purpose flourkosher saltunsalted butter
  • Lamb Crepinette with Apricot and Cherry Mostarda
    shallotdried apricotsdried cherriescrystallized gingerdry white winewhite wine vinegarwatersugardry mustardwhole seed Dijon mustardunsalted butterground lambparsleymintgarlicallspiceground corianderbrown sugardry red winesaltblack pepper to tastecuminesplettefennelcarawayoreganomarsalablack peppershallotParsley leaves
  • lamb kefta lumpia
    Once you defrost a package of lumpia wrapper, you end up wasting it if you don't use it all up. In an effort to roll everything in sight into a lumpia, my husband and I decided to experiment with some ground lamb we had seasoned to make lamb kefta kabob. We paired it with a cucumber yogurt dipping sauce and some cilantro chutney. This unexpected appetizer tasted delicious with both dips. Lamb lumpia is now part of the game plan for all our future lumpia rolling parties! lumpia wrapperground lambonionpaprikacuminsaltpeppercayenne pepperparsleycilantrocinnamongaram masalamintmushroomseggfrying oil
  • Red Pepper Soup
    sliced onionsgarlicdry white winelarge red bell pepperschicken or vegetable stock brothchopped fresh thymesalt and white or black pepperhot red pepper flakesolive oilcreme fraichechopped thyme
  • rick bayless' shrimp linguine with garlic mojo, chipotle, and parmesan
    This ain't your regular old garlic pasta dish. This recipe is instantly elevated with the use of garlic mojo - a Mexican condiment made up of concentrated garlic seasoned with lime in olive oil. The mojo in combination with chipotle chiles makes this a truly unique pasta dish that can't really be classified into a specific cuisine. This is a great spicy go-to dish for the weekday or weekend. Adapted from Rick Bayless. saltlinguinepasta watergarlic mojo oilshrimpsaltchipotle chiles en adobogarlic mojoparsleyMexican queso anejo