recipes: #mexican

  • Baja Fish Tacos
    masa harina (Mexican corn flour)warm waterKosher saltrice bran oil or butterfirm white fish (like red snapper)cornmealsmoked paprikaKosher salt and black peppercabbagesour cream (or crème fraiche)Zest of 1 limecumin
  • Cactus Salad
    Light and fresh Mexican salad. fresh or prepared cactus paddlesolive oilsaltRoma tomatoessmall red onioncilantroCotija or Anejo cheesered wine vinegarfreshly ground black pepperserrano chiles5-6 Radisheslettuce leavesavocado
  • Camarones a la Diabla
    dried guajillo chilesgarliconionblack peppercumindried oreganostock cilantro stemsChipotle in AdoboAdobo sauceSalttomato pastebrown sugarvegetable or olive oilhot sauceveg. oilshrimpbell peppersonionS&PbutterCilantroQueso Fresco
  • Carne Asada Tacos
    masa harina (Mexican corn flour)warm waterKosher saltrice bran oil or butterskirt steakrice bran oilchile powderminced garlicKosher saltground black pepperlime juiceonionsJuice of 1 limecilantroKosher salt and black pepper to tastetomatillogarlicyellow onionjalapenosavocados
  • Chicken Mole Rojo
    dried ancho chilesboiling waterdried pasilla chilesdried guajillo chilesrice bran oilmedium tomatillosyellow oniongarlic clovesKosher saltcrushed tomatoes (Pomi)raisinspanko bread crumbssemi-sweet chocolatewhole almondstoasted sesame seedsKosher saltdark chicken stockwhite wine vinegarbrown sugarground clovesground black pepperdried oreganoground cinnamonchili flakeschicken thighsRice bran oilcilantro sprigscrematoasted sesame seeds
  • Cilantro Rice
    stock cilantrooniongarlicSaltcanola oilriceCilantro leaves
  • Coctel de Mariscos
    seafoodjuice of 2 limeshot sauce to tastered onionEnglish cucumbersmall diced vegetablejalapenoclam juiceketchupchopped cilantrojuice of 1/2 orangeKosher salt and black pepper to tasteavocadofresh corn tortillasrice bran oil for frying
  • Ensalada De Nopales
    A fresh Mexican side dish fresh cactus paddlesolive oilSaltsmall red onioncilantropickled jalapeñosbell pepperlime juiceolive oildried Mexican oreganoradish slicesqueso fresco or mild fetaLettuce leaves (for garnish or for salad)avocado
  • Grilled Corn Salad (Esquites)
    Red OnionLime JuiceSaltRoma tomatoes cilantro leavesRadishescorn kernalsLime juiceSaltCremaQueso frescoChili powderSmoked paprikaRice bran oilLime wedgesAvocadoCilantro
  • Handmade Tortillas
    masa harina (Mexican corn flour)Kosher saltrice bran oil or butterwarm water
  • Handmade Tortillas with Tomatillo Salso
    masa harina (Mexican corn flour)warm waterKosher saltrice bran oil or buttertomatillosjalapeñosavocadosjuice of 1 limecilantroKosher salt and black pepper to tastegarlicyellow onionskirt steakrice bran oilchili powderminced garlicKosher saltground black pepperlime juicered onions4-5 zucchinicremini mushroomsqueso frescoyellow onionfirm white fish (like red snapper)cake floursmoked paprika (or chili powder)ground black pepperKosher saltbeereggpurple cabbagesour cream (or crème fraiche)zest of 1 limecuminKosher salt and black pepperlime wedgeschopped cilantrohot sauces