recipes: southern

  • gwyneth paltrow’s recipe for chicken and dumplings
    This is another great recipe that our friend Brent shared with us. We sat on it for a while and were skeptical of the recipe since it came from a celebrity who we didn't know cooked. But Brent kept asking us if we had made it yet, as he truly vouched for it, so we gave it a shot. This recipe is definitely a keeper! The flavors were rich and robust, and the dumplings turned out light and fluffy. This meal is hearty, so you might want to avoid it if you are on a diet. We would make this dish again to share with family. Everything can be made ahead up to the point of the dumplings. When plating the dish, spoon the juice around the dumplings so that they don't get soggy. organic whole chickensalt pepper unsalted butterextra virgin olive oilcelerycarrotleekduck baconbay leaffresh thymewhite winechicken stockwaterflourbaking powderhalf-and-halfsaltfresh parsley
  • iowan-approved cornbread
    As a child of the Midwest I prefer to obtain 99% of my daily caloric value from corn. This cornbread goes great with just about everything. whole kernel corncreamed cornlight sour creamsoftened buttereggsjiffy cornbread mix
  • mary's corn bread (johnny cake)
    Mary is my mom, and johnny cake is an old-fashioned name for corn bread, which I think was once popular to eat because it was cheap to make and quick - no yeast or rising time required. Still useful features today! It is a staple of Southern living and one of my favorite recipes from childhood. corn mealfloursugarcorn oilbaking powdersalteggmilk