recipes: rgache

  • banana bread pudding
    This is a great dessert for entertaining that would also be a perfect brunch dish. It's very basic - custard-soaked bread - yet rich and elegant, and it can be made up to 2 days in advance. We bake the bread pudding and then chill it, cut it into squares, and cook it in butter, so it's almost like French toast. We use brioche for its flavor, but any good white sandwich bread will work; look for long rectangular loaf called Pullman loaf or pain de mie, which has a soft, uniform interior, or crumb. The banana can be replaced with a similar quantity of dried fruit or omitted altogether - this is a delicious bread pudding without any fruit. It's excellent topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce, mascarpone cheese, maple syrup, honey, or even a berry sauce. whole milkheavy creamgranulated sugarvanilla pastebrioche pullman loafeggsbananasclarified butter
  • basic roast chicken
    chickenlemonsgarlic clovesrosemaryunsalted butterkosher saltfreshly ground black pepper
  • bitter melon & egg (mara pad kai)
    bitter meloneggslight soy saucewhite pepperpeanut oillight soy sauce
  • black sticky rice pudding (kao niow dahm)
    black sticky ricecoconut milksugarsaltsesame seedsstrawberriesmint leaves
  • Blackberry Greek Yogurt with Honey Mint and Sage
    blackberryhoneylemon zestlemon juicemintsageGreek yogurt
  • Breakfast Parfait
    Packed with probiotics, protein, Omega 3‘s, and cancer-fighting ellagic acid, this simple, tasty, satisfying breakfast also makes a great snack or dessert. I like to use frozen berries for this. Make the parfait, then take a shower or get dressed. This gives just enough time for the berries to begin thawing so their lovely juices mingle with the yogurt and hemp seeds. Then eat the parfait. Delicious! raw shelled hemp seedsorganic plain yogurtberriesdash of cinnamonwalnutsdark agave nectar
  • chicken salad
  • Egg Flowers
    Visually stunning and simple to prepare, this lovely dish always brings a smile. Use Omega-3-rich organic eggs from pasture-raised chickens if available. Any color of bell pepper will work, but try to select 4-point bell peppers instead of 3-point. They taste better. bell peppersolive oileggssea saltfreshly ground black pepperfresh herbs
  • hot and sour shrimp salad (plah gung)
    Hot and Sour salads lie at the heart of Thai cuisine. There are so many different ways to make them, and even though they are essentially hot with chillies and sour with lime juice, the balance of flavor can be such that each is distinctly unique. In this recipe, the sauce combines a subtle roasted dimension from the roasted chilli paste with the heat of fresh chillies and the sharp sour of lime juice. Try this recipe also with squid, scallops, shelled mussels and clams and firm fish, or a combination of seafood. It is delicious with sea bass. shrimpthai chilesroasted chili pastefish saucelime juicegranulated sugarlemon grassshallotcilantromint leavesboiling watermint sprigs