recipes: high

  • Alternative Vanilla Soufflé
    The base of this soufflé is a variation of the classic. Instead of using wheat flour and milk, sorghum flour and almond milk have been substituted to make this a gluten-free and dairy-free dish. Fresh fruit coulis would not only brighten the dish but also add antioxidants. wateralmond milkvanilla beanegg yolkspalm or turbinado sugarsorghum floursea saltcoconut oilegg whitescream of tartarsea saltfresh fruit coulis or chocolate sauce for topping
  • Banana Spring Rolls with Chocolate Coconut Sauce
    bananasbrown sugarcinnamonvanilla extracttoasted shredded coconuttoasted peanuts or cashewseggspring roll wrapperFrying oilcoconut milkcorn syrupA pinch of saltcoconut extractdark chocolate/semisweet chocolatePowdered sugar
  • Basic Chevre
    Goat Chevre can be eaten fresh or aged. It is a step into the more advanced cheese making world, using varying bacteria for varying desired outcomes. pasteurized goat's milkChevre culturefine sea salt
  • BBQ Buckwheat & Chickpea Veggie Burger
    This veggie burger is so delicious and full of good-for-you ingredients. You'll want to set aside some time to enjoy preparations. It's not quick to put together, but they freeze well so you may even want to make a double batch for a quick meal later. After you try these you won't want to go back to the supermarket frozen variety. buckwheat groatsyellow onioncarrotred bell peppercelerygarlicsalt & pepperchili powdergarbanzo beansswiss chard leavessweet potatoBBQ saucechia “egg”
  • Buckwheat Cinnamon Rolls
    Vegan + nut-free. coconut sugarcinnamonbuckwheat flourtapioca flourbaking powdersea saltbaking sodasweet potatoapple saucemaple syrupvanilla extractcoconut oilcoconut oilvanilla extractsweet potatomaple syrupcoconut oilapplesaucearrowroot powdersea salt
  • cannelloni
    The great thing about the cannelloni is that the crepes can be made ahead of time - filled and rolled. Wrap them in a Saran wrap so they are not touching and then put into a freezer bag to use when needed. I do not freeze the sauce because it gets watery. I have made them in advance when I am having 40 or 50 people over. Accompany these with a green salad. These are a hit! eggswaterflouryellow onionbutterwhite winetomato saucechopped spinachwesson oilparmesan cheesericottamozzarella ball
  • chenery park's grilled salmon with sherry vinegar sauce
    Collin's family threw him a surprise 30th birthday party in San Francisco. Carm made dinner arrangements for a party of thirty at Chenery Park, a local restaurant within walking distance from their home. Collin entered the restaurant to a long table of 30 guests holding up their menus to hide their faces. The group then started to sing Happy Birthday. After a festive dinner, the afterparty was at Collin and Carm's house. Mr. Oguro put on a great show of storytelling and karaoke for the guests. This salmon was one of the dishes that the guests enjoyed at Chenery Park that night. russet potatoesfresh garlicsoft butterheavy creamkosher salt and white pepperred onionsugarchampagne vinegartatsoiolive oilkosher salt and peppersalmon filletsolive oilkosher saltfreshly ground pepperbuttershallotscracked black peppercornsfresh parsleyfresh thymekosher saltdry sherrysherry vinegarheavy creamchilled buttersalt and pepper to taste
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    Basmati ricecold watergarlicgingeryogurtcorianderchili powderturmericfenugreek leaveslimessaltolive oilolive oilcinnamonclovescardamomwhole macebay leaveschicken breastzucchinieggplantsummer squashonionRoma tomatoescashewsolive oilGaram masalacumin seedsonionsaltturmericcumin powderground coriandergingergarlicwater or chicken stockcilantrotoasted cashews
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    Basmati ricewater or stockgarlicgingeryogurtground corianderchili powderturmericfenugreek leavesjuice of 2 limessaltolive oilboneless/skinless chicken meatred bell pepperszucchinieggplantsummer squashonionroma tomatoescashewsolive oilcumin seedslarge onionsaltground turmericGaram Masalacumin powderground corrianderminced garlicminced gingerwater or chicken stockcoconut milk or yogurtchopped cilantrotoasted cashews