recipes: condiment

  • Aamba Khatta (Sweet + Sour Mango Pickles)
    Green, unripe mangoes are simmered with cardamom and cloves to yield this tangy, spicy Indian condiment. mangoesgheechiles de árbolcurry leavesblack mustard seedsgreen cardamom podsclovescinnamon stickturmericred chile powderwatercoconut sugarsea salt
  • Agar Agar Fruit Jam
    Making fruit jams thickened with the sea vegetable agar agar is a great vegan alternative to conventional jams that are loaded with refined sugar and gelatin. fruitfresh fruit juiceagar agar powderlemon juicehoneyground spices of choice
  • Alioli (Garlic Mayonnaise)
    This diverse condiment be served with all kinds of meats, salt cod, black rice or paella, or a dish of potatoes and vegetables. garlicsaltegg yolksolive oillemon juice
  • Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Dip)
    Traditionally, baba ghanoush is made by grilling the eggplant. This recipe uses the broiler to make the recipe more accessible in a typical kitchen. Fresh herbs, such as parsley, can be added for additional flavor and color. eggplantsea saltgarliclemontahiniolive oilfresh herbs
  • Basic Chevre
    Goat Chevre can be eaten fresh or aged. It is a step into the more advanced cheese making world, using varying bacteria for varying desired outcomes. pasteurized goat's milkChevre culturefine sea salt
  • Berbere
    Berbere, a key spice blend in Ethiopian and Eritrean cooking, is used to season everything from vegetables to stews. Berbere has many variations and recipes depending on whom you ask, but its key ingredients include paprika, fenugreek, and dried chiles. cardamom podspaprikacoarse sea saltcumin seedsfenugreek seedsallspice berriesred pepper flakesdried thymeblack peppercornsdried chipotle chilecoriander seedsground gingerground nutmegcayenne peppercloves
  • Black Pepper + Blood Orange Marmalade
    Blood oranges, so named for their brightly maroon-colored flesh, have a distinctly raspberry-like flavor and are high in antioxidants. This marmalade pairs the sweet blood oranges with spicy black pepper to make a delicious, albeit unusual, marmalade. blood orangeshoneycoarsely ground black pepper
  • Brazil Cafe's cilantro garlic sauce
    This sauce is great with steak, especially tri-tip. While waiting for our sandwiches at Pedro's Brazil Cafe, I saw the sign advertising their cilantro-garlic sauce, so I decided to see if anyone had posted the recipe online. I had just started reading this recipe posted on this food blog when Pedro himself stops by to ask if I needed a table. I showed him the recipe and asked him if the ingredient list was correct. He shook his head and told me a different list of ingredients, also adding to make sure to add "lots of love." :) I made the sauce that night and we enjoyed it with steak, rice, and Brazilian black beans. garlicmayonnaisecilantrolimevinegarpaprikasaltpepper
  • Burdock Root Pickles
    A unique and tasty way to enjoy burdock root. Burdock root helps the body to eliminate toxins, along with the garlic and ginger. Apple cider vinegar is considered a health tonic, helping with everything from digestion to cleansing. burdock roottamari or coconut aminosapple cider vinegargarlicginger
  • Cashew Cream
    The cashew cream is a creamy, protein rich, and dairy-free alternative to whipped cream. raw cashewsmaple syrupvanilla extractvanilla beansea saltwater