recipes: american

  • Bite Size Pies: Banana Cream, Pecan & Key Lime
    egg yolksall-purpose flourcornstarchgranulated white sugarmilkvanilla beanGrand Marnier or Brandybananawhite sugarpre-made tartlet shellsbrown sugarbuttercorn syrupmolasseshoneyvanillacinnamonchopped pecanseggssugarzest of 4 lemons and 2 limeslemon juicelime juicebutterwhitessugarbrown sugar
  • Bryson City's Chocolate Heaven Cookies
    Your go-to recipe for a delicious treat. This recipe is not an original, but I have been making them for so long that I no longer remember the original source. Ground flaxWaterVirgin coconut oilSunflower seed butterBrown sugarNatural cane sugarVanilla extractBaking sodaBaking powderFine grain sea saltCocoa powderGluten-free rolled oatsNon-dairy milkFinely chopped dark chocolate
  • carroll shelby's chili
    Carroll Shelby was a car designer, most famous for the Shelby Mustangs, yet also famous for his chili mix. We always have a packet in our pantry. This recipe is easy to make and tastes way better than canned chili. We've modified the ingredients and proportions to our taste, and we sometimes make it ahead of time then simmer it on low to reheat it. It seems to taste better the next day. This simple crowd-pleaser disappears quickly. :) oiloniongarlicground beefCarroll Shelby's Chili Kitsaltdiced tomatoeswaterbeanssteamed ricecheesesour creamcilantrogreen oniondiced onionhot sauce
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Unsalted ButterSugarBrown SugarSaltEggsVanillaPastry FlourBaking SodaChocolate ChipsNuts etc.
  • Classic Brownies
    Unsweetened ChocolateButterEggsSugarSaltVanillaBread FlourNuts
  • Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies
    I love these cookies because they are vegan AND are delicious and can be gluten free. Coconut oilMaple syrupVanilla extractWhole wheat pastry flourRolled oatsSaltShredded coconutChocolate chips raisins or currants
  • Darren's Pizza
    This pizza recipe will go well with a red Zinfandel. We make this pizza at least a couple of times a month and it's a hit every time. The spiciness of the salami and spicy/sour of the pepperoncinis make this pizza crave worthy. We hope you enjoy it! Yellow onionOlive oilPizza doughFlourCooking sprayPizza sauceShredded cheese - Italian blendCalabrese salamiPepperoncinis
  • Devil's Food Cupcakes
    sugarall-purpose flourcocoa powderbaking powderbaking sodasaltmilkvegetable oilvanilla extractboiling watereggscream cheeseunsalted butterpowdered sugarvanilla extract
  • deviled eggs
    Deviled eggs are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I tasted my first one in high school, and it blew my mind. I watched my friend's mom as she made it and can recall the recipe up to this day. This recipe has improved over time as I learned how to properly boil eggs per my homie, JP (Jacques Pepin). I don't indicate proportions for this recipe because I just season the yolk filling to taste. eggs mayonnaise dijon mustard sugar horseradishpaprikaparsleycapers