This is another recipe that I learned from my friend's mom while I was in high school. Since I grew up in a home that didn't really eat spicy foods, this is also the first recipe I ever made with jalapenos. I'd sometimes make this dish for Sunday dinners with friends in college. I still make this recipe when I can find chicken wings at the French butcher's and it is still always good!
 coconut oil
or whichever frying oil you prefer
 sugar1 part
preferably fine baker's sugar since it dissolves better
 soy sauce1 part
 jalapeno 1/4 part
or more to taste, finely chopped
 green onions 1/2 part
 chicken wings
 steamed rice


dutch oven
small mixing bowl
Kick off the rice cooker if you plan to enjoy the wings with rice.
Fill the dutch oven with 3-4 inches of oil and preheat over medium heat.
Prep the sauce by dissolving the sugar into the soy sauce with a whisk. Add the jalapeno and green onions and whisk again to combine. Reserve.
Increase the heat for the oil to medium high. If needed, pat the chicken wings dry, then fry, in batches if needed, until cooked and crispy.
Toss the chicken wings in the sauce then transfer them to a plate. Drizzle extra sauce on top of the wings.
Enjoy the wings on their own as a snack with drinks, or serve with steamed rice to make it into a meal.