6 inches baguette
goat milk butter
or whichever butter you have on hand, optional
1 whole avocado
chia seeds
olive oil
we prefer California olive oil nowadays (Trader Joe's sells this nice estate olive oil that we like to use on this)
Maldon sea salt
or any other crunchy salt you have
  • fork
We have a tough time calling this a recipe ... we think of it more as a collection of ingredients that come together to make something delicious. We'll often whip this up as an easy breakfast, snack or side. The crunchy salt is important as it adds a a nice texture contrast and balances out the sweet avocado.
Toast the baguette halves. If using butter, spread it onto the baguette while it is still hot.
Peel and slice the avocado. You'll use about half an avocado per serving. Layer the slices onto the baguette, then smash and smear it onto the bread with a fork.
Sprinkle on the chia seeds. They'll nestle nicely into the grooves that the fork has left behind.
Finish with olive oil and Maldon sea salt. Enjoy immediately.
Somtimes we replace the avocado with almond butter and the olive oil with honey.