Darren's Pizza

1 medium Yellow onion
sliced thinly
1 tbsp Olive oil
1 ball Pizza dough
we buy this from the grocery store
1/4 cup Flour
Cooking spray
3/4 cup Pizza sauce
we like the trader joe's pizza sauce
1 1/2 cups Shredded cheese - Italian blend
Calabrese salami
15-20 slices
3/4 cup Pepperoncinis
This pizza recipe will go well with a red Zinfandel. We make this pizza at least a couple of times a month and it's a hit every time. The spiciness of the salami and spicy/sour of the pepperoncinis make this pizza crave worthy. We hope you enjoy it!
Slice the onion into thin slices with a mandoline. Heat the olive oil in a saute pan until it starts to shimmer. Saute the onions over low heat until they are nice and caramelized.
Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
Spread flour on your work surface and roll out the dough until it is as thin as you like it - we like our pizza crust to be as thin as possible. Spray a pizza pan with any non-stick cooking spray to help the pizza from sticking to the pan.
Layer the pizza sauce, cheese, salami, onions and then pepperoncinis and adjust the amounts to your own taste. If you like a more meaty pizza you can also add italian sausage.
Cook pizza for about 15 minutes, until the cheese is thoroughly melted. Cut and serve!
Note, we sometimes put an arugula salad on top of the pizza, dressed with a simple oil/vinegar/salt/pepper dressing.
source: Darren Pacheco