chicken and apple sausage

1/2 cup water
1 cup white wine (chardonnay)
1/3 cup honey
5 cups dried apple pieces
10 lbs chicken meat
have butcher grind meat with fat
7 tbsp kosher salt
4 tsp allspice
1 tbsp dried sage
1 tbsp fennel seeds
2 tsp black pepper
freshly ground
1 tsp fenugreek
  • large bowl
  • big wooden spoon
  • skillet
Harvest Party isn't complete without the joy of stuffing sausages! Homemade chicken apple sausage is the perfect blend of savory with a touch a sweet. We usually double or triple this recipe to serve Harvest Party crowds!
Mix water, chardonnay, honey, and apple pieces. Let soak until apple is soft.
Using a large bowl and big wooden spoon, mix everything up!
Cook a small piece of sausage in a skillet to make sure the seasonings are just right, and adjust if necessary.
Then using the sausage stuffing attachment on Nolan's KitchenAid, get all your friends to help.
This recipe is an old standby, but we make many changes and additions every year depending on our whim! A dash of cayenne pepper one year, a few extra cups of apples another year. Experiment with abandon - you can't go wrong!