calrose rice1 cup
cooked and cooled, brown rice would also work
 sugar 1/4 tsp
 rice wine vinegar1 tsp
 tuna4 oz
sashimi grade, cut into small cubes
 green onions1 stalk
chopped fine
 mayonnaise1 tbsp
or more to taste
 Tabasco 1/2 tsp
or more to taste
  tobiko1 tbsp
plus more to garnish, could also use masago
 nori (Japanese seaweed)
cut into smaller rectangles, could also use Korean seaweed


mixing bowl
Cook calrose rice (Japanese sushi rice). Stir when cooked and set aside to cool. Be sure to cover it while cooling so that the rice doesn't dry out. When cooled to room temp, stir in the sugar and rice vinegar.
Cut the tuna into small uniform cubes and add to mixing bowl.
Slice up the green onions and add to mixing bowl. Also add mayonnaise, tabasco, and tobiko and gently fold with the spatula to combine.
To assemble the handroll, lay out the nori, spread sushi rice, spread spicy tuna mix, then top with extra tobiko to add bonus crunchy texture. Roll into a cone shape and eat immediately.

I see lots of sushi restaurants make this roll with smashed up bits of tuna which I suspect are just leftover scraps. Using the good part of the tuna and cutting it into cubes makes for better taste and texture. At home, we like to make our own mini spicy tuna hand rolls table side and eat them immediately while the seaweed is still crispy.