6 whole eggs
1 1/4 cups water
1 cup flour
1 1/2 whole yellow onion
1 cube butter
1 1/2 cups white wine
40 oz tomato sauce
12 oz chopped spinach
1 package thawed
wesson oil
as needed
1 cup parmesan cheese
16 oz ricotta
8 oz mozzarella ball
chopped into cubes
The great thing about the cannelloni is that the crepes can be made ahead of time - filled and rolled. Wrap them in a Saran wrap so they are not touching and then put into a freezer bag to use when needed. I do not freeze the sauce because it gets watery. I have made them in advance when I am having 40 or 50 people over. Accompany these with a green salad. These are a hit!
For the Crepe Batter
Combine 3 eggs and water. Gradually add 1 cup of flour. Consistency should be light but not too thin.
For the Sauce
Chop 1 medium onion. Sauté in 3/4 cube of butter until limp. Add the wine and tomato sauce. Simmer.
For the Spinach
Wring all the water out of the spinach. Sauté 1/2 onion in 1/4 cube of butter until limp. Add the spinach, cover the pan and cook for a few minutes stirring a couple times. Turn off the stove and leave the lid on the spinach.
For the Crepes
Oil crepe pan with wesson oil. Wipe excess oil with paper towel so you can feel the oil but not see it. Let the crepe pan get hot over moderate heat.
With a medium to small ladle, spoon 1/2 of the batter onto the pan when hot. Using wrist movement swirl the batter around in the pan until the bottom and a little of the side of the pan are covered. The crepe is done when it appears dry on the top.
Loosen the sides with a fork and then flip it onto a wet cotton dishcloth. Do not turn the crepe in the pan. Continue using all the batter - should make about 12 crepes. You may need to oil the pan after making a few - just use the oiled paper towel to rub the pan.
For the Stuffing
Beat 3 eggs in a bowl. Stir in 1 cup of parmesan. Stir in the spinach and ricotta. Then, add the small chopped cubed mozzarella.
To Cook
Put a small tablespoon of the stuffing in the middle of the crepe. Spread it lengthwise, then roll the edges of the crepe around it.
Place the crepes in the baking dish (you probably need 2 large dishes) and spoon a little of the sauce into the bottom of the dish to avoid sticking. Place the crepes side by side, not touching. Spoon a generous amount of sauce over the crepes.
Bake in 350°F oven for 40 minutes until very bubbly and the mozzarella has a chance to melt well.
source: This recipe came from my Italian Mother-in-law who was a fantastic cook!