featured recipes

Our featured recipes are here to give you a feel for how the numnums recipe platform works. But while we were at it, we personally cooked each of them and vouch that they are delicious! We improve the recipes each time we make them, so we update them regularly with new findings.
  • cook's illustrated processed carrot salad
    This recipe is a refreshing take on carrot salad. The texture is satisfying and the paprika gives it a delicious smokiness. Since the food processor does most of the heavy lifting, this salad is pretty easy to make. extra-virgin olive oilhoneylemon juicesmoked paprikacayenne peppersaltpeppercarrotspistachiospomegranate seedsmintsaltpomegranate seeds
  • cook's illustrated gougères
    Our two year old daughter calls these "cheese balls." These airy rounds have the texture of the top of a pop over with the flavor of cheese. This recipe utilizes two baking sheets stacked on top of each other to prevent overbrowning. eggsegg whitesaltwaterunsalted buttercayenne pepperall-purpose flourGruyère cheese
  • easy garlic shrimp
    We often make this recipe when the shrimp go on sale at Whole Foods. It is super easy to prepare and everyone in the family enjoys this dish, including our two-year-old our daughter. She especially enjoys bites of shrimp dipped in the sauce. If we have any leftovers, our daughter often eats them - peeled and at room temperature - for lunch the next day. extra virgin olive oilwhite oniongarlickosher saltfreshly ground black peppershrimpbaguetteextra virgin olive oillemon juice
  • ina garten's overnight Belgian waffles
    Most of the heavy lifting for this delicious waffle recipe is done the night before. The flavor is yeasty and complex; the texture is moist. We make this recipe so often that we've optimized it minimize cleanup. When we don't have time to do the prep for this recipe, we defer to our classic waffle recipe instead. warm wateractive dry yeastsugarwhole milkhoneyunsalted butterkosher saltvanilla extractall-purpose flourextra-large eggsbaking sodaavocado oilbutterpowdered sugarmaple syrupwhipped cream
  • Charles Phan's shaking beef
    This recipe is great for special weekend meals or for entertaining a small group. The original recipe uses filet mignon but it is easier and cheaper for us to get rib eye, and honestly, we like the fattier meat better. :) If we have time to be fancy, we pair this with Hands on Gourmet's garlic noodles, but if we're strapped for time, we just serve it with rice. rib eyesugarsaltblack pepperavocado oilrice vinegarmirinlight soy saucedark soy saucesugarfish saucekosher saltblack pepperlimeavocado oilred oniongreen onionsgarlicunsalted butterwatercress
  • cook's illustrated chicken tikka masala
    Chicken tikka masala is one of our favorite dishes to order at an Indian restaurant. With all the cream involved, it probably isn't the leanest option on the menu, but the sauce sure is delicious! This recipe yields a lot of food, so invite people over to share or get ready to eat it for a few days in a row. We sometimes serve this with roasted cauliflower instead of rice. cumincoriandercayenne peppersaltchicken breastsgarlicgingerplain yogurtvegetable oilvegetable oiloniongarlicgingerserrano chiletomato pastegaram masalacanned tomatoessugarsaltheavy creamsaltbasmati ricecilantro
  • jacques pepin's buttermilk strawberry shortcake with (or without) chipotle
    This recipe is a result of 2 coincidences. The first was the creation of strawberry chipotle jam to substitute for mango chutney for Mother’s day. The second came out from the desire to make use of leftover buttermilk from the wasabi ranch dressing we made for fried green beans. The finished product resulted in a delicious dessert with a kick! We found the recipe for buttermilk strawberry shortcake by flipping through the index of Jacques Pepin’s Essential Pepin. In addition to making use of our leftover buttermilk, it also made use of leftover sour cream, mint, and jam. It called for strawberry jam, but we used strawberry chipotle jam because it’s what we had on hand. We would definitely make it again with chipotle. strawberriesstrawberry chipotle jamall-purpose flourcake flourbaking powderbaking sodasugarsaltbutterbuttermilksour creammint
  • classic waffles
    We've dubbed these as "classic waffles" because they have a clean flavor profile, similar to that of Eggo waffles. These waffles are easy to prepare and are evenly golden once cooked. Our two year old sometimes helps with pouring and mixing the batter, and we actually made 6 batches of this recipe with her preschool class. all-purpose flourcornstarchsugarkosher saltbaking powderbaking sodawhole milkavocado oileggvanilla extractavocado oilbuttersyrup/honey and/or powdered sugarberries